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  • Dec 29 , 2021
    How to Distinguish the Real 3D Mechanism from 2D Mechanism
    When we define a 3D Massage Chair, it means the massage mechanism could work in three dimensions: up and down, left and right, front and back. It doesn’t mean the quantity of massage balls. So a Real 3D massage Chair can perform protruding massage deep into your neck, back and waist. As the picture shows below, it defines the three dimension in space. WELIKE is consistent in the research on i...
  • Dec 29 , 2021
    What's the difference between SL track and S track?
    When customers want to purchase a massage chair, how do they choose a proper one for themselves? The appearance of massage chair is look the same, but the mechanism and inner track are very different that can’t be seen. We have to try it and feel the difference by ourselves. Customers may know that the massage mechanism is differ from 2D to 3D, but how about the moving track for the mechanism to w...
  • May 11 , 2022
    What could Welike Expert 4D Massage Chair bring to us?
    What could Welike Expert 4D Massage Chair bring to us? If you decide to purchase a massage chair, before you paying the bill, it's advisable for you to answer yourself a question what benifit you do really want to get from a massage chair? Massage chair is not like sofa only for seat usage, it mush have the features that could help to release the muscle soreness and fatigue in your full body and m...
  • Nov 09 , 2022
    The Brief History of Massage Chair
    The Brief History of Massage Chair A massage chair can refer to two types of products. Traditional massage chairs allow a masseur to easily access the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use internal electronic motors and gears to provide a massage for the person seated in them instead of a masseur. The majority of robotic massage chairs contain a control...
  • Nov 09 , 2022
    The Evolution of Welike massage chair
    The Evolution of Welike massage chair In 2012, the Welike factory launched its first intelligent straight rail manipulator massage chair. Foot rollers and an entire-body airbag massage are features of this massage chair. Additionally, it contains a quiet four-wheel-drive manipulator that can perform multiple massage techniques from the neck to the waist. The Welike factory introduce its first SL g...

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