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The Brief History of Massage Chair
Time: Nov 09, 2022
The Brief History of Massage Chair
A massage chair can refer to two types of products. Traditional massage chairs allow a masseur to easily access the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use internal electronic motors and gears to provide a massage for the person seated in them instead of a masseur. The majority of robotic massage chairs contain a controller to change the massage's style, location, or intensity.
Massage chairs are designed to mimic the hand motions of a massage therapist. They use a combination of massage rollers and airbags to massage the different parts of the body.Mechanical extrusion and rolling forces are used in robotic massage chairs to provide the massage. Manual massage can clear the meridians, move qi and blood, and keep the body's yin and yang energies in balance. As a result, receiving a massage, you can feel your muscles relax, your joints become more flexible, and your spirit is lifted. Boosting energy and removing weariness are crucial for maintaining excellent health.
For those who spend a lot of time sitting, working, or studying, massage therapy can enhance blood circulation, lessen back discomfort, prevent diseases, enhance sleep quality, soothe general fatigue, improve posture, and help the body stay in shape.
Long-term sedentary individuals can benefit from massage therapy in many ways, including improved blood circulation, reduced back pain, disease prevention, better sleep, less overall weariness, better posture, and increased physical activity.

The first massage chair was designed in 1954 by Nobuo Fujimoto.The only feature of the first mass-produced massage chair is "kneading." The electric "kneading head" that moves in both directions has a simple mechanism. The massage spot can be adjusted by rotating the side handle to move up and down.

The first developed massage chair

the firsted created massage chair

The first entirely motorized massage chair was created by a Japanese company in 1962;

In 1974,the first massage chair that could control the stretching and kneading modes of the head by adjusting the clutch was born;
In 1983,the first massage chair with rubbing and acupressure functions which switched by rollers was invented;
In 1996, the first massage chair that can adapt to various parts of the body and can be driven up and down by 4-wheel vehicle was created;

The first massage chair with airbags was created in 1998.

the evolution of massage chair

Before the 21st century, the research and development of massage chairs was mainly concentrated in the Japanese market. After 2000, more and more Chinese companies began to set foot in the massage and health industry, but the products initially developed were mainly portable massage devices, and the innovation of massage chairs was relatively Lagging behind, most Chinese companies are mainly OEM for Japanese brands. After 2010, with the rise of e-commerce in China, massage and health products have been widely welcomed, and the demand for massage chairs has increased exponentially, triggering massage chair factories to invest more funds to develop massage chair products that meet market demand. That is, since this time, more and more new functions have been added to massage chairs.
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