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The Evolution of Welike massage chair
Time: Nov 09, 2022

The Evolution of Welike massage chair

In 2012, the Welike factory launched its first intelligent straight rail manipulator massage chair. Foot rollers and an entire-body airbag massage are features of this massage chair. Additionally, it contains a quiet four-wheel-drive manipulator that can perform multiple massage techniques from the neck to the waist.
The Welike factory introduce its first SL guide rail manipulator to the market in 2015. It broke through the limitation of the massage stroke of the straight rail, allowing the manipulator to reach deeper into the buttocks for a flexible and efficient massage. Since it was first released on the market, the K8 model has been regarded as a classical item, and earned positive reviews for its amazing massage therapy and attractive appearance.

K8 SL Massage Chair

The Welike manufacturer derived a new model of K8L in 2016 based on the model of K8. The K8L is outfitted with SL rails and an HIFI Bluetooth speaker. Similar to the K8 item, the massage chair's angle control is also more adjustable thanks to the dual electric actuators.

In 2018, the Welike factory created the new model of V6, the armrest side panels are embedded with a larger decorative pieces, making the appearance more recognizable.

In 2019, the V8 was launched, and the novel and stylish armrests made the massage chair more attractive.

K8L ZERO GRAVITAY MASSAGE CHAIRV6 blue tooth speaker massage chair
The Welike factory unveiled the V9 high-end massage chair in 2021 after two years of laborious research, the V9 model is fitted with a 3D manipulator that could extends out 12 cm.
The striking and eye-catching design is incredibly post-modern. By far outperforming 2D mechanism in terms of both strength and technique, the 3D manipulator that can change the extension range truly achieves precise massage deep into the shoulders, neck and back. V9 innovatively introduces a brain massage mode. The built-in brainwave music in the system can effectively relieve mental tension, make people relax quickly, and promote sleep. In addition, the V9 is also equipped with a calf rubbing massage.  Family members' various massage requirements can be satisfied by 14 automatic programs.


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