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What's the difference between SL track and S track?
Time: Dec 29, 2021

When customers want to purchase a massage chair, how do they choose a proper one for themselves?

The appearance of massage chair is look the same, but the mechanism and inner track are very different that can’t be seen. We have to try it and feel the difference by ourselves.

Customers may know that the massage mechanism is differ from 2D to 3D, but how about the moving track for the mechanism to work through. There are 4 options for people to choose the moving track for our massage chair.

The first one is a very traditional type that we call it fixed point type. Actually this kind of massage chair is without a moving track, the massage balls can’t move up and down, it’s equipped in fixed position of the back. The massage balls only can perform rolling motion. So this is the most simple massage chair, and it also with lower price in the market. Welike Model K7 is a Fixed Point Massage chair like that.

Welike Fixed Point Type Massage ChairFixed Point Massage Balls

The second choice is I style track massage chair, this type of massage chair is also very classical. The moving track for it is as straight as I, so we call it I style track. The massage hand could moving trough it from your neck to your waist.

It’s better than Fixed Point model, and Welike Model K9 Full Back Kneading Massage Chair is that kind of massage track style.

The third type is S track that the iron frame of the massage chair is designed in S curve that is very approaching the I track, this kind of track is much suitable to our spine, especially applied to waist massage.

The last option is SL track, and this is also the best type till now. Welike Super Long SL track Massage Chair is equipped with 135cm stable thick Iron frame, that allow the massage mechanism moving from your neck to buttock. This SL type track is much more applicable to your spine, and fulfill the whole back to thigh intense massage.

The picture will show the differences between I style track, S type track and SL track as below:

The Difference of Moving Track

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