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How to Distinguish the Real 3D Mechanism from 2D Mechanism
Time: Dec 29, 2021

When we define a 3D Massage Chair, it means the massage mechanism could work in three dimensions: up and down, left and right, front and back. It doesn’t mean the quantity of massage balls. So a Real 3D massage Chair can perform protruding massage deep into your neck, back and waist.

As the picture shows below, it defines the three dimension in space.

3D Dimension

WELIKE is consistent in the research on improving the depth and accuracy of the massage rollers in order to provide more effective and more accurate massages.

What is 2D Mechanism?

The 2D Mechanism is the traditional design with mature technology and applied to most common massage chairs in the market.They are also typically the most affordable type of massage chair. It works on your surface muscles without getting deep to the muscles underneath. While massaging, the massage rollers in the back of the chair travel up/down and left/right, to create the rolling and kneading massage motions. In most of WELIKE 2D Relaxing Massage Chairs, you can also adjust the width and speed of the rollers (left/right, wide/narrow, fast/slow).

What is 3D Mechanism?

A 3D massage system takes everything a 2D system offers, and its extra third motor allow the rollers protrude further out about 5 inches from the track and reach places that are typically neglected by the average 2D massage chair, including the upper neck and shoulder area. This action helps to mimic the action of human hands, penetrating into the deeper tissue muscles to make much intensive massage.

WELIKE Premium 3D Massage Chairs is able to extend the rollers into your back and retract them back into the chair. So besides up/down and left/right movement, the 3D mechanism, go in/out – the third dimension of motion, allows more control over the depth of the massage and just like a massage therapist would.

Shoulder Massage

The comparison of 3D with 2D Mechanism

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