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Welike successfully lauched its TV home shopping broadcasting nationwide
Time: Jul 01, 2015

Television Home shopping is a new type of electronic retailing that allows consumers to buy goods at home. Its totally different from traditional brick and mortar retailers, which requires one to visit the stores or shopping malls.

Welike started its TV home shopping at early 2014, the first broadcasting was launched on Haoxianggou shopping channel which is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The first try is a very successful beginning to us, and Welike later launched its on-air TV selling nationwide in 2015 and become one of the most recognizable brand in the home shopping industry. Welike had launched three models of massage chair through TV home shopping, the first one is WL-K5 the Low Price Full Back Kneading Massage Chair, the second one is WL-K6 the Electronic Recliner Relaxing Massage Chair, and the third model is WL-K7 the Full Body Electronic Soothing Massage Chair.

The TV home shopping is very popular with elder people in China, and recently more and more young people take interest in massage product, they buy it through TV home shopping for their parents or themselves for body care usage. The daily busy work occupied most of their time, and they got little time to go to stores to purchase goods. The TV home shopping is a convenient way for them to choose products they need, the Television could fully present the details of the products, and the host could direct respond to customers and cancel their puzzles.

Home Shopping has become more popular in recent decades with the rise of the internet and efficient supply chains that allow goods to be cost effectively shipped directly to consumers.Especially with Global Pandemics such as Corona virus, Home Shopping can be an attractive marketplace for consumers worldwide. If you get the plan to start your TV home shopping business for massage chair, please dont hesitate to contact us, and we would like to establish cooperation with you in the near future.

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